Spotlight Entertainment boasts a sizable national performer database.

Some acts are group-based while others can be performed with just one artist. By quoting per performer, we give you the chance to create your own group size to match your budget. We make sure our performers are dressed to impress, courteous to guests, and place a huge emphasis on arriving timeously.

You get what you pay for – be weary of uncomfortably low quotes as you might realise just too late that you have hired a beginner! Our professionals give discounts based on group size and length of time hired.

African Carnival Queens

1 hour roaming.
Colourful costumes and radiant personalities express cultural traditions of royalty.

African Circus Acrobats

10-15 min show or 1 hour roaming.
A mirage of flips, tricks and human pyramids are what you can expect from these energetic teams.

Balloon Artists

1 hour roaming.
Balloons twisted into magical animals, delight children and adults alike.

Belly Dancing Stilt Walkers

1 hour roaming.
Elevate your belly dancers to even higher prominence!

Carnival Characters

1 hour roaming.
An exhilarating, colourful affair with feathers and laughter and a carnival atmosphere.

Dwarfs / Little People

1 hour roaming.
These amazing characters provide a surprising and unusual welcome to your guests.

Fire Breathers

10-15 min show or 1 hour roaming.
A heart-stopping, breath-taking, and spectacular act.

Fire Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour background.
Skilled fire artists dance effortlessly through the flames.

Fire Jugglers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour background.
Great for sunsets or after dark, watch jugglers set their equipment on fire!

Fire Stilt Walkers

1 hour roaming.
Take fire dancing to another level by elevating the whole performance.


5-10 minute show or 1 hour background.
A succession of objects tossed from hand to hand with expert precision.

Jugglers - Contact Juggling

5-10 min show or 1 hour roaming.
Juggling with a difference, where balls glide across the body without losing contact.


20-30 min show or 1 hour.
The magical arts provide mystique and excitement for an extraordinary event.


1 hour roaming.
Break the ice when guests arrive, with the fun and frivolity of these comical mimes.

Snake Charmers

1 hour roaming.

A large serpent coiled around an experienced snake charmer.

Stilt Walkers

1 hour roaming.
Towering over large crowds, these characters attract attention from above.

Stilt Walkers - Balloons

1 hour roaming.
Balloon-art created from a dizzy height.

Stilt Walkers - Juggling

1 hour roaming.
The skill of throwing and catching taken to new heights!

Sway Artists

1 hour.
An amazing pole bending performance of balance and intrigue.

Unicycle Performers

10-15 min show or 1 hour roaming.
A circus performance of balance and motion that never fails to impress.