Some acts are group-based while others can be performed with just one artist. By quoting per performer, we give you the chance to create your own group size to match your budget. We make sure our performers are dressed to impress, courteous to guests, and place a huge emphasis on arriving timeously.

You get what you pay for – be weary of uncomfortably low quotes as you might realise just too late that you have hired a beginner! Our professionals give discounts based on group size and length of time hired.

Acro Martini Performers

5-10 minute show or 1 hour background.
A giant, life-sized martini glass supports acrobatic or water-based performances.


5-10 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Astound your guests with close-up views of beautiful ladies performing acro-contortion movements as they move through the crowd.

Aerial Net Mermaids

1 hour background.
A mermaid caught in an overhead net evokes a neverland fantasy.

African Welcome Carpet

1 hour.
A classy traditional entrance with a choice of carpet patterns and accompaniments.

Angle Grinding

2-5 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Sparks fly from metal corsets in this daring and fearless act.

Aqua Light Drummers

5-10 minute show.
Exciting splashes of colour and light drum up everyone’s expectations.

Aqua Musicians

1 hour.
A glistening musician adorned with wave-like skirts creates a watery effect.

Balloon Dress Dancers

2-5 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
This act includes balloons combined into a once-off unique outfit.

Bartenders - Flairing

Per hour.
Drinks served with flair using nimble bottle juggling and hand movements.

Beat Boxers

20 minute show.
A one-man band using only his mouth to create novelty acoustics.

Body Painted Blend Models

1 hour.
Cleverly painted models blend into the background like chameleons that only a discerning eye can see.

Body Painted Glitter Ladies

1 hour.
Radiating pizazz, these glittery ladies are guaranteed to jazz up your event!

Bubble Acrobats

1 hour roaming.
Scale up popular acrobatic acts with a special effect.

Bubble Ballerinas

1 hour roaming.
A giant bubble encapsulates a silent roaming ballerina.

Carpet Musicians

1 hour.
Let your guests walk the red carpet hosted by a musician of your choosing.

Champaign Chandelier

5-10 minute show or 1 hour background.
Have your main attraction twirling from the ceiling like an extravagant centre piece.

Champaign Skirts

1 hour.
Extend a unique and bubbly welcome to your delighted guests.

DJs - Double Vizion Duo

Per hour.
An exciting double DJ act with matching costumes and LED lights.

Dwarfs / Little People

1 hour roaming.
These amazing characters provide a surprising and unusual welcome to your guests.

Fire Breathers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
A heart-stopping, breath-taking, and spectacular act.

Fire Dancers

5-10 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Skilled fire artists dance effortlessly through the flames.

Freak Shows

10-15 minute show.
Grunge, sparks and courage, these death-defying stunts will keep your guests on the edge of their seats.

Giant Cakes

3-5 minute show or event hire.
A big birthday surprise as a lady jumps out of a cake!

Human Mirror Disco Balls

1 hour roaming.
Glitz and glam gets the party started with these unique dancers.

Human Statue Gravity Mime

1 hour.
A mime that defies gravity before your very eyes.

Human Statues

1 hour roaming.
With realistic costumes and uncanny physical control, these mimes make a fascinating silent statement.

Ice Sculpturers

Live show or premade.
Watch sculptures form before your eyes, or preorder a design to complement the food display.

Invisible Man

1 hour roaming.
An eery performer without a face!

Laser Dancers

3-5 minute show or 2 x 20 minutes roaming.
Brand new act to dazzle up any event, completely safe for the eyes.

Laser Manipulation Shows

3-5 minute show.
The ultimate stage laser light performance.

LED Dress Dancers - Visual

3-5 minute show or 2 x 20 minutes roaming.
Programmable LED dresses create a brilliance of colour and display your logo in an unforgettable way.

LED Dancers - Visual Poi

3-5 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
A dancer spins programmable lightsabers to create amazing visuals of your logo and slogan.

LED Dancers - Wings

3-5 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Graceful LED angel wings form a twinkling, mystical veil around these dancers.

LED Pixel Whip Dancers

3-5 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Swirling fibre optic strands wrap an infinity of brilliant light around each dancer.

LED Violinists/Sax/Singers

5-10 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Up your violinist/sax or singer act to the next level with this incredible programmable LED costume.

Living Paintings

1 hour.
Remarkable artistic expression using a live canvass.

Lunar Musicians

1 hour.
A female musician in a cascading gown presents a lovely musical spectacle.


20-30 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
The magical arts provide mystique and excitement for an extraordinary event.


10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Unbelievable mind-reading – until you experience it yourself.


1 hour.
These beautiful mythical creatures of folklore, return.


1 hour roaming.
Break the ice when guests arrive, with the fun and frivolity of these comical mimes.

Mirror Men

1 hour roaming.
Bedazzling living mirrors refract light at every turn.

Oxygen Bars

4 hours.
A dose of flavoured oxygen boosts energy and mood to promote a party atmosphere!


1 hour.
Give guests a chance to experience what it’s like to be a celebrity.

Projection Dress

10-15 minute show or 1 hour background.
An epic video of your brand projected onto the voluminous skirts of a smiling acrobat.

Puppet Masters

1 hour roaming.
Puppets come alive in the skillful hands of these puppet masters.

Roller Skate Ladies

1 hour roaming.
Sassy girls on skates deliver drinks and snacks with style.

Screen Projection Acts

3-5 minute show.
A harmony of dance and pre-programmed visual mapping projected onto the stage.

Silhouette Shows

3-5 minute show.
Shadowy figures masquerade their visual story behind a screen.

Snake Charmers

1 hour roaming.
A large serpent coiled around an experienced snake charmer.

Stilt Walkers

1 hour roaming.
Towering over large crowds, these characters attract attention from above.

Sway Artists

1 hour.
An amazing pole bending performance of balance and intrigue.

Twinkle Glasses

Transform your simple décor into a glittering fairy tale as guests see the world through these refraction glasses.