Spotlight Entertainment boasts a sizable national performer database.

Some acts are group-based while others can be performed with just one artist. By quoting per performer, we give you the chance to create your own group size to match your budget. We make sure our performers are dressed to impress, courteous to guests, and place a huge emphasis on arriving timeously.

You get what you pay for – be weary of uncomfortably low quotes as you might realise just too late that you have hired a beginner! Our professionals give discounts based on group size and length of time hired.

African Bushmen/Khoisan

10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Reverting back to ancient roots, the Bushmen tell nostalgic stories of a forgotten tribe.

African Carnival Queens

1 hour roaming.
Colourful costumes and radiant personalities express cultural traditions of royalty.

African Choir

30 minute show/background.
Traditional choirs stir the soul with their resonant voices and rhythmic movements.

African Circus Acrobats

10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
A mirage of flips, tricks and human pyramids are what you can expect from these energetic teams.

African Drummers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Animated tribal energy and pulsing tempos make this an exhilarating experience for your guests.

African Experience

20 minute show.

Combine all the elements of African dance expression into one amazing show.

African Giant Puppets

1 hour roaming.
These giants make a statement difficult to ignore, and provide memorable photo opportunities.

African Gumboot Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour background.
An energetic dance of skilled boot-beats and chanting, this cultural art-form invigorates the soul.

African Jive Dancers

5-10 minute show or 1 hour background.
An old South African dance form, full of fun, wild spins, and off-beat movements.

African Kwele Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour background.

Humorous enactments of colloquial dancing, this traditional dance form is vibrant and lively. Best with a Marimba band.

African Marimba Bands

30 minute show or 1 hour background.

Watch your guests spontaneously nod to the beloved musical heartbeat of Africa.

African Massage Ladies

1 hour roaming.
Traditionally dressed African ladies mingle with guests, soothing arrival-tension with brief hand or shoulder massages.

African Moyo Face Painters

1 hour.
Heighten your guests’ African experience with subtle geometric face and hand markings.

African Pantsula Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Fast-paced footwork displaying a combination of traditional backyard dance styles that express the heart of the South African peoples.

African Queens

1 hour roaming.

A majestic presentation of traditional beauty offers a royal African welcome to your guests.

African Sangomas

1 hour roaming.

Chants of a traditional healer with his large feather head-plume entice fascinated on-lookers. Shake the stones and rattle the bones!

African Themed Fire Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour background.
Experienced fire dancers, decorated with sheep wool and traditional African warrior skins.

African Tswana Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Originating in Botswana, this cultural dance is celebrated predominantly in the upper regions of South Africa.

African UV Gumboot Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
An exhilarating gumboot dance – this time with UV effects!

African Welcome Carpet

1 hour background.
A classy traditional entrance with a choice of carpet patterns and accompaniments.

African Zulu Dancers

10-15 minute show or 1 hour background.
A taste of traditional Africa, complete with drums, warrior cries and expressive dance choreography.

Afro Fusion Dance Group

5 minute show.
Watch transfixed as dancers are thrown into the air in this wild African-themed act.

African Praise Poets

5 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Traditional praises, quotes and encouragements from these African Praise Poets.