Spotlight Entertainment boasts a sizable national performer database.

Some acts are group-based while others can be performed with just one artist. By quoting per performer, we give you the chance to create your own group size to match your budget. We make sure our performers are dressed to impress, courteous to guests, and place a huge emphasis on arriving timeously.

You get what you pay for – be weary of uncomfortably low quotes as you might realise just too late that you have hired a beginner! Our professionals give discounts based on group size and length of time hired.

Chalk Artists

1 hour.
Amazing 3D floor drawings that provide an interactive photo point.

Face Painters

1 hour.
Artists use professional hypoallergenic paint to transform your guests into entertainers themselves!

Glitter Tattoos

1 hour.
Temporary glitter booths provide lasting fun for all ages.

Henna Tattoo Artists

1 hour.
Temporary tattoos are skillfully painted on hands and arms using henna dye.

Ice Sculpturers

1 hour live, or premade designs lasting 8-12 hours.
Watch sculptures form before your eyes, or preorder a design to complement the food display.

Lumo Laser Graffiti

30 min show or 1 hour interactive.

An artist uses UV visual trickery to create stimulating custom images, which guests can also try.

Make Up Artists

1 hour or backstage.
Experienced professionals for behind the scenes preparation.


Per hour.
Exceptional MCs with the gift of the gab to keep a crowd entertained.

Puppets - Giant

Per hour.
Living puppets at large and in full costume.

Puppet Masters

1 hour roaming.

Puppets come alive in the skillful hands of these puppet masters.

Sand Light Artists

1 hour background.

Incredible designs created out of sand on an illuminated background.

Sign Spinners

1 hour roaming.
A fun way to give your party a street feel while highlighting your trademark.

Stilt Walkers - Balloon Artists

1 hour roaming.
Balloon-art created from a dizzy height.

Balloon Artists

1 hour roaming.
Balloons twisted into magical animals, delight children and adults alike.

UV Painted Ladies

1 hour roaming.

Weird and wonderful painted ladies show up in the dark like visitors from another realm.


Per hour/package.

Nothing but the best in the industry to preserve your special event.