Some acts are group-based while others can be performed with just one artist. By quoting per performer, we give you the chance to create your own group size to match your budget. We make sure our performers are dressed to impress, courteous to guests, and place a huge emphasis on arriving timeously.

You get what you pay for – be weary of uncomfortably low quotes as you might realise just too late that you have hired a beginner! Our professionals give discounts based on group size and length of time hired.

Bartenders - Flairing

Per hour.
Drinks served with flair using deft/nimble bottle juggling and hand movements.

Bartenders - Topless Males

Per hour.
A little something for the ladies, rare eye-candy to flush the cheeks!

Beer Barrel Babes

Per hour.
Babes with beer add a smile and a wink into fetching a drink.

Carnival Machines

Per day.
Create interactive fun for kids or to make great props to set the tone of an event theme.

Carnival Mirrors

Per day.
Introduce your guests to absurdly hilarious aspects of themselves.

Catering - Dessert Walls

Per day.
A vertical display of delectable desserts that won’t easily be forgotten.

Champaign Skirts

1 hour.
Extend a unique and bubbly welcome to your delighted guests.

Champaign Towers

Per event.
Make a grand impression on your arriving guests.

Cupcake Skirts

1 hour.
Conclude your meal with the sweet display of a lovely lady and her dessert skirt.

Décor - Balloon Arches

Per event.
Nothing speaks of celebration more than balloons – and lots of them!

Décor - Flower Walls

Per event.
A gorgeous backdrop which can double up as a photo background.


1 hour background.
These beautiful mythical creatures of folklore, return.

Hubbly / Okka / Shisha

Per hour.
Flavoursome puffs of fruity tobacco are a great social ice-breaker.

LED Human Tray Ladies

1 hour roaming.
Beautiful ladies in LED costumes proffer trays lit up with LED lights.


Per hour.
Colourful cocktails and creative pouring to entertain the flavours in your mouth before you event taste it!

Oxygen Bars

4 hours.
A dose of flavoured oxygen boosts energy and mood to promote a party atmosphere!

Shooter Skirt Ladies

1 hour roaming.
Beautiful ladies roam with their shooter selection on offer.

Vintage Cars

Per event.
Add a touch of classy motor visuals to your event décor.