Spotlight Entertainment boasts a sizable national performer database.

Some acts are group-based while others can be performed with just one artist. By quoting per performer, we give you the chance to create your own group size to match your budget. We make sure our performers are dressed to impress, courteous to guests, and place a huge emphasis on arriving timeously.

You get what you pay for – be weary of uncomfortably low quotes as you might realise just too late that you have hired a beginner! Our professionals give discounts based on group size and length of time hired.

Caricaturists / Cartoonists

Per hour.
Quick pencil strokes conjure up humorous keepsakes for their delighted models.


15-20 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Giggles abound while they clown around!


30 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Amusing entertainment to humour your guests and lighten up the mood.

Dancers - Morph Suits

1 hour roaming.
A group of identical dancers create an interesting performance with a difference.

Drag Queens

15-20 minute show or 1 hour roaming.
Comedy and wit, exaggerated make up and poses, these queens are a theatrical hit!


1 hour roaming.
A revolving, floor-based diamond shape provides a prop for acrobats, and can include a laser for an even more dazzling effect.


1 hour roaming.
This culturally celebrated street act dates back to 1907.

Puppets - Giant

1 hour roaming.
Living puppets at large and in full costume.

Singing Telegrams

1 hour roaming.
 A surprise appearance for the person of honour.

Stilt Walkers

1 hour roaming.
Towering over large crowds, these characters attract attention from above.

Unicycle Performers

1 hour roaming.
A circus performance of balance and motion that never fails to impress.